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Travel Oxygen System Options

Total Home Health offers several portable oxygen equipment options. As you settle in at home and understand the amount of portable oxygen use you will need we can assist you in selecting the best option.
Options include:

Smaller tanks - these are easy to carry, weigh less and can last longer if used with an oxygen conserving device.

Oxygen Conserving Devices - These devices are similar to an oxygen regulator, they deliver a pulse of oxygen as you breathe in rather than oxygen flowing continuously. This reduces oxygen consumption which allows oxygen tanks to last about 3 times longer.  Consult Total Home Health to see if you qualify. 

Home cylinder filling - This device allows you to fill your oxygen cylinders in the home. These are used with smaller tanks and often with an oxygen conserving device.

Total Home Health will work with you and your physician to supply the oxygen system that best fits your needs.

We coordinate travel for all our oxygen patients.  Tell us where and when and we will do the rest.  Arrangements for long or short term travel.  Travel concentrator provided for all Total oxygen patients, two weeks per year.

Respiratory therapists are always available for any travel questions or concerns.

We are your oxygen experts, home, travel and any changes your therapy may require.