Total Home Health’s Home Ventilation Program combines clinical services & environmental assessment, as well as physician interaction & nursing/caregiver training. We have a trained team of respiratory therapists with extensive experience in Pediatric and Adult populations. Providing a safe and comfortable setting for the patient requiring Ventilation at Home.

  • Early involvement via participation on hospital’s discharge planning team
  • Thorough family/caregiver training
  • Determination of equipment configuration as requested
  • Physical facility assessment of home in order to meet specialized needs for life support equipment
  • Reimbursement facilitated by Total’s Reimbursement Specialists
  • Training/provision of home care staff (ventilator, oxygen & related needs)
  • Provision of equipment / supplies as needed
  • Coordination of community support services
  • Immediate post discharge reassurance/ support to homecare staff & family
  • Continuing home ventilation management per physician instruction
  • Full range of in-house ventilation/oxygen monitoring
  • 24 hour Customer Service Representative, Delivery Technician and Respiratory Therapist
  • Specialized individual needs accommodated