Since 1993 Total Home Health has been providing sleep therapy equipment & services in the home.  Total Home Health was built on the premise of putting customers first.  Our experienced and licensed staff is available to answer any questions.

Why Choose Total Home Health?
We realize that it can be overwhelming when first needing to use CPAP or BiPAP therapy. Total Home Health makes the process simple, convenient and comfortable by following a patient-centered approach.

Our approach includes:

  • Our Respiratory team who specialize in sleep therapy equipment and take ownership in getting you off to a good start.
  • Using the latest equipment and supplies by trusted, leading manufactures.
  • Convenient set up times at our state of the art sleep clinic offices.
  • After set up, we’ll call and check in to see if you have any questions or concerns. If there are we’ll address them.
  • We’ll contact you to arrange equipment compliance downloads to ensure that both your physician and insurance have the information they need.
  • When it’s time for replacement supplies we’ll contact you with a courtesy reminder.

Set Up Process

  • Upon receiving a referral, we’ll verify insurance coverage and benefits.
  • We’ll contact you to explain what has been ordered, approximate insurance copays and set up a convenient time and place to complete the set up.
  • Upon set up, our clinicians fit you with the best mask based on your physician’s orderssleep, sleep lab recommendations and any concerns you may have.
  • We’ll then explain how to use and care for the CPAP or BiPAP equipment and supplies, including mask and supply cleaning procedures.
  • Our clinicians will take the time you need to educate you about sleep apnea and answer any questions.
  • We’ll discuss pressure acclimation options and do everything we can to help you ease into tolerating your equipment and pressure.
  • Send your physician updates, including receipt of the order and when the set up was completed.

Ongoing Follow Up

  • After set up, we’ll follow-up as needed to ensure you are comfortable with your equipment and getting the best results possible.
  • We’ll also complete any necessary follow up requirements your insurance has regarding compliance downloads to ensure billing continues smoothly.

Health Risks

Research shows that snoring and sleep apnea are associated with many serious conditions. Left untreated, your sleep apnea can be a contributing risk factor to:

  • High Blood Pressure    
  • Stroke
  • Type 2 Diabetes
  • Depression

Treating sleep apnea can reduce the risk of developing associated diseases. It can also help you feel more energetic so you can do the things you want to.

Equipment and services

  • CPAP/BiPAP Sleep Therapy
  • Auto Titrating CPAP’s
  • Masks, Headgear & Tubing
  • Modem downloads for your physician or insurance compliance
  • Professional credentialed set up