Since 1989, Total Home Health has been providing medical equipment and services in the home and continues to offer the latest Negative Pressure Wound Therapy (NPWT) and Therapeutic Support Surfaces (TSS).  Total Home Healthcare was built on the premise of putting customers first.  Our experienced and licensed staff is available to answer any questions.

Total Home Heath’s Advanced Wound Care Program includes innovative products for pressure relief and Negative Pressure Wound Therapy for use across all care settings.  Our specialized staff provides clinical education resources along with on-site support at the hospital, physician’s office, sub-acute facility and in the home.

Equipment & Clinical Support

Total Home Health believes that equipment & clinical support is very important to achieve the best possible wound care outcomes.  We have a team of various healthcare professionals that are available to assist with equipment selection, proper usage, troubleshooting and general clinical support.  On-site in-services are also available.  Whether the need is at the hospital, sub-acute facility, your office or the patient’s house, we are only one phone call away.

  • Dedicated NPWT Team
  • Easy referral process
  • Same day set ups
  • 24 direct referral and fax line
  • Convenient product set-up times
  • Ongoing patient follow up and support

Negative Pressure Wound Therapy (NPWT)

WoundProNew advances in negative pressure wound therapy have provided more equipment and supply options than ever before.  Equipment features are expanding and equipment use is becoming simpler and more patient-friendly.  Supply options are constantly changing with more manufacturers offering several options.

Total Home Health offers the latest equipment including the Pensar WoundPro NPWT pump.  This pump offers proven reliability, multiple alarms, simple canister connections, patient-friendly functionality and 24 hours of battery runtime.

Total Health offers all of the latest wound interfaces including foam or gauze in various sizes.

Therapeutic Support Surfaces

Support surfaces are special mattresses, mattress overlays and seat cushions that support a patient’s body in bed or in a wheelchair.  Specifically, these support surfaces are used to reduce or relieve pressure that bodyweight – especially the bones – exerts on skin as it presses against the surface of the bed or seat of a chair.  By relieving or reducing the pressure, existing pressure ulcers can heal and the chance that new pressure ulcers will develop can be reduced.  These surfaces also improve air circulations and cool the body with air released into the mattress.

Total Home Health offers several options including alternating-pressure low air-loss mattresses that feature:

  • Touch pad controls that allow you to set the appropriate pressure using patient weight.
  • Computer technology within the control unit monitors pressure and regulates it to maintain the pressure at or below 32mm/Hg to avoid capillary occlusion.
  • Power outage safety built into unit; in the event of a power outage, unit remains inflated and resumes it’s program when power is restored.

Total Home Heath can help you select the right product, verify insurance benefits and deliver and train the patient and their family on the proper use and care for the equipment.